CoolCity_Future School Korean Pavillon Venice 17° Architecture Biennale 10.09.21 presentation


CoolCity_Lab – workshop sul tracciato dell’acquedotto della Bolla. Dalla Casa dell’Acqua di Volla-Casalnuovo a Santa Caterina a Formiello, il percorso delle acque che alimentavano il Poggio Reale e le fontane ornamentali sull’antica via di Poggio Reale – Con il Professor Pietro Nunziante (Dipartimento di Architettura della Federico II di Napoli), l’ingegner Clemente Esposito (Presidente Centro Speleologico Meridionale), e Bruno Miccio (Esperto degli acquedotti napoletani) – 24-25 Giugno 2021 – per informazioni scrivere a

il programma

Cool City Lab – Seoul, Summer Online Workshop

“A Space Design Workshop on Rediscovering of Subterranean Water in Seoul”

Cool City Lab-Seoul is seeking students who are interested in a summer online workshop on the rediscovering and innovative regeneration of Bukchon (a well-remained traditional village in the center of Seoul city in South Korea) waterways. This workshop is part of a project for <Future School> for the Korean Pavilion at the 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale. The Cool City Lab-Seoul online workshop will be composed of a virtual Bukchon site tour, lectures, and online design studio classes. The design results will be exhibited physically at Bukchon HanokCheong in Seoul and virtually on <Future School> Online in July. This workshop is open to everybody who can participate via Zoom.

In the Cool City Lab-Seoul Online Summer Workshop, Professor Kyong Park of the Department of Visual Arts at San Diego State University in California, Professor Younghwan Lim of the Department of Architecture at Hongik University, and Sunhyun Kim, the CEO of D.LIM Architect, will teach small classes in English and Korean.


Future School Open Ceremony in the Korean Pavillon at  17° Venice Architecture Biennale

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Nino Ahmetovic con Valerio e Merlin Selimanovic ospitano:

Isabella Glough Marinaro – John Cabot Univeristy –Cristina Mattiello – Associazione Cittadinanza e Minoranza / Comitato Solidale Antirazzista Monteverde –Marco Brazzoduro – Associazione 21 Luglio –Stefano Fassina – consigliere comunale Roma / deputato Repubblica Italiana –Sandro Luciani – Comunità di Sant’Egidio –Giovanna Filardi – ex Presidente XIII Municipio Roma –Marta Bonafoni – Consigliere Regione Lazio – Ferruccio Tribalzi – architetto – Alexander Valentino – archietto – Karen Bermann – architetto – modera Dijana Pavlovic – Ketanè


We have heard about the departure of Mr. Vladimir Macura.
it has been a great honour for us, having had the chance to meet and work with him in 2008, while conducting the European research project on Roma housing related issues (EU-RoMa Mapping).
We could spent a few days with him, and understand his precious work implemented as an urban planner, as an architect, as well as an active and conscious citizen. The particular attention he had for the weakest European Minority, the Roma Population, has given to all of us, strength and prospective for positive and shared solutions for the legalization of Roma informal housing development in the rest of Europe. His dedication in the Belgrade Urban Planning Institutions are of example for the younger generation of professionals which are not interested in planing and designing for individualism and capitalism, but prefere to support innovative, sometime unconfortable solutions for human being.
Thanks to Vladimir

lan & Eu-Roma Team



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