Com.In.Rom – Accrescere le competenze degli operatori sul fenomeno rom – “La Strategia Quadro per l’Inclusione Sociale dei Rom, Sinti e Camminanti come processo in evoluzione” Alexander Valentino e Nicolae Gheorghe. Prefetture di Catanzaro, Crotone, Cosenza, Foggia, Bari, Barletta-Trani. 2013


The Ratiu Foundation / Romanian Cultural Centre London United Kingdom / 26.06.09, From the Invisible to the Exotic, Hosted by Dr.Mike Phillips OBE, British novelist, historian and curator, Catalin Berescu (ATU) and Alexander Valentino (LAN), with David Knight (project 35). Gleaning images and stories from euroma for a discussion on Roma immigration from Romania and Italy, there was a chance for an interesting discussion among participants. A.Valentino.


Roma&Gypsy Survival Strategies, 22-25.06.2009, London School of Fashion. The EU-ROMA project and the Roma dwelling situation in Europe. P.Nunziante, A.Valentino.


EU-ROMA at the Autograph ABP Gallery. Project screen 24.06.2009.

Selection of pictures, maps and drawings from the euroma consortium collection.


EU-ROMA EXHIBITS IN RIBA, RIBA London United Kingdom / 1-29.06.09.

The exhibition inside the temple of architecture in the headquarters of the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects. Four panels per partner (UK,Gr,It,Ro) with dimensions of 180cm x 140cm completely filled the second-floor exhibition space. The exhibition provided the opportunity to view a series of study projects conducted in Roma communities across Europe. The exhibition presented previously unpublished views of Roma architecture, temporary settlements, and the materials and construction techniques of dwellings in Italy, Romania, UK and Greece.


EU-ROMA_Exhibition-Preview – Naples, Lanificio Reale Naples Italy 26.05-15.06.09, The exhibition was organized inside the LAN premises. On display were works by LAN members such as Martin Devrient with 7m long panoramic prints, by project associates such as Balo Cismic with 200 pictures of the inhabitants of the ghetto camp of Castel Romano in Rome, screenings of footage shot during the work of the EU-ROMA project, an enormous quantity of photographic material and of maps put together during the project. Also on display, moreover, were the two heaters built with the Kalderasha artisans, Batho and Alaga from Turin. The display served as a backdrop to a discussion which for the first time in Italy saw the presence of members of national institutions (Vice-prefect D’Orso) and local ones, representative for social policies of the Naples City Council, (G.Riccio) and the representative for immigration policies (I.D’Aimmo), along with members of national associations of Roma (Demir Mustafà of the Committee for the Roma and Sinti Together and Don Grtiel Paon of Opera Nomadi) and international institutions (Asmet Elezovski of the European Roma and Travellers Forum) along with architects and engineers who work on the housing of the Roma (Architect Renata Guadalupi – designer of the new settlement in Giugliano on the outskirts of Naples). At the end of the debate a dinner was served which was prepared in the traditional style of the inhabitants of the Giugliano settlement


Emergenze Rom, Univeristy of Architecture Politecnico of Milan Italy / 23.04.09, Among the others taking Anna Nufrio, Antonio Tosi (Politecnico of Milan), and Tommaso Vitale (Università Statale Milano Bicocca). P.Nunziante,


Building Together, EU-ROMA International Workshop, University of Thessaly, Faculty of Architecture, Volos Greece / 5-11.04.09. A.Valentino.


Gypsy Time – Turin Italy 27.09.08 –  In the frame of “Spirituality” a public discussion aimed to knowledge the citizens of Turin about Roma communities of the city. At the talk took part among the others the anthropologist Carlotta Saletti Salza, Giorgio Bezecchi, activist of Milan, and Laura Halilovic a jung director living in Turin. We had the chance to highlight the positive and negative policy of the administration of Turin, making comparisons with other interventions in European cities.


 XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture – Turin Italy, 3-5.07.08 – Shack and the City, NEW POVERTY IN AND OUT OF EASTERN EUROPE, urban, fast growing communities in extreme poverty which are collateral casualties of the collapse of the centralized authoritarian regime. The inconsistencies of economic transition and inadequate social policies are there to enhance the process. Section: Democracy, participation, mediation, Decision. Order of Romanian Architects. P.Nunziante & A.Valentino.


Geodesign Exhibition, Pala Fuksas, Turin Italy / 23.05.08 -13.06.08.

Collective exhibition of the work carried out as part of GEODESIGN international competition. The two iron stoves made with the Kalderasha masters from Turin were displayed together with selected drawings of the stoves created by LAN. Apart from the artisans, a large group of the community living in Falchera took part at the event.


Roma in Romania&Italy – Bucharest Romania / 19-26.10.08 Ion Mincu University of Architecture, Aula Magna. A.Valentino.


1st International Self Made City Workshop, Rome, february 1-4.02.2008, Istituto Svizzero di Roma Villa Maraini via Ludovisi 48. A.Valentino.


In cerca di casa. Rom romeni in Italia e in Romania”. International Conference, Gruppo Abele Turin, International and European Forum on Migration Research. A.Valentino.  2008


Future Habitat“Cooperazione e territorializzazione della culturaP.Nunziante. Fondazione Olivetti, Roma. 2008