– Acqua Bene Comune (ABC) Acquedotto di Napoli Mauro De Pascale

Centro Nazionale Ricerche C.N.R. – Marina Iorio

Consorzio di Bonifica di Volla e delle Paludi di Napoli – Antonio Pagano

– Consorzio di Bonifica di Agnano e dei Campi Flegrei ref. Paolo D.Alba


University College San Diego – Kyong Park, Visual Art Department. Research, documentation, and representations focused on the urban landscapes that delineate the economic, political and cultural borders and territories of the contemporary social geography.

– Università Vanvitelli Naples – Raffaele Marone, Department of Architecture, Architectural Design.

– Partenope University of Naples – Nicola Massarotti, Department of Engineering, with experience in the fields of computational thermo-fluid dynamics, finite elements, heat and fluid flow through porous media, fuel cells, geothermal energy conversion and renewable energy sources

University of Roma 3 – Flavia Bartoli, Department of Biology, Environmental and Applied Botany, focus on termophylous Mediterranean vegetation, and on cultural heritage conservation and enhancement, botanical management of archaeological areas, and ethnobotan

CMCC – Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici Paola Mercogliano, Focus on regional climate models, Stability Analyses, Hydrologic & Hydraulic models.

– New York’s Global Environmental College – Theodor Endreny, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York

– Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments (EDEn), Bath UK – Tristan Kershaw.

Rhode Island School of Design – Nick De Pace, Department of Architecture. Elective Studio in Landscape Architecture and Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies Concentration

– University of Washington – Julie Villegas Associate Director, University Honors Program, Interdisciplinary Studies.


Legambiente Campania Giancarlo Chiavazzo

– CESBIM – Centro Studi sulle Bonifiche del Sud Italia – Alfonso De Nardo

Lux in Fabula – cultural association which has developed from a long history of workshop experience. Since 1981, it has been operating simultaneously in schools, universities, and social and cultural centres – Claudio Correale

Goethe Institute Naples

Campania Teatro Festival


International Leica Geosystem

Centro Speleologico Meridionale

Promete – Spin-off company of the National Institute for the Physics of Matter (INFM-CNR) that operates in the field of innovation and technology transfer, with the aim at strengthening the link between research and industries, through the structuring of know-how transfer activities.


– Jan Edler and Tim Edler GB, realities:united – studio for art and architecture – Planners of “Flussbad Berlin” for a new use of a section of the Spree canal in the heart of Berlin.

Mauro Smith and Sila Barracco, smithbarracco Studio of Architecture, Naples

– Enzo Russo, Studio of Architecture, Naples

K’Nature company of Zoologists, Naples