COOLCITY_SURVEY (in field inspections / library research / flow rate account)

Scientific Data Collection.

Flow rate account of spring and ground water / Comparative analysis of historical maps of the city

MediaTeam Inspections: Volla-Fiume Sebeto / Historical Centre Springs / Conca di Agnano / Interviews / Video-photographic documentation.

In August 2021 we have strted networking with the international team of Leica Geosystem. With the support of the ABC and the Municipal Office of Patromony, we had the chance to enter three peculiar underground sites unmapped before: in Chiatamone the rooms used to collect water from a famous spring of “acqua ferrata” shut to the public for fifty years, in Poggioresle a section of an ancient aqueduct forgotten for fourty years, and three mega tunnels to store water in the Scudillo managed by the Neapolitan aqueduct company.