MIKUSANO MITAKARA Three sacred treasures from the Japanese shamanic tradition – FEBRUARY EVENT

February 2020 – Mikusano Mitakara













Education, Culture, Youth best practices, Brussels 10-11.3.2010. Seminar “Social inclusion through community involvement and housing

EU Projects in Favour of the Roma CommunityConference

The Directorate-General for Education and Culture organized this conference to discuss the involvement and impact of EU programs with the Roma minority. It is based on a selection of best examples of projects related to the Roma people all funded through various European Commission programs. This initiative is part of efforts to better disseminate and build upon the results of programs and as such it marks a substantial contribution to the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.In parallel to the conference a seminar of experts on Roma culture is taking place and also an exhibition of 21 interesting and successful projects. A.Valentino. 2010