EU-RoMa – videoclip documentaries – 2007-09


arranged marriage 


A young Kosovan refugee comes to a small Romanian willage to meet his wife, a family arranged marriage.


baracca bruciata



The Khorakhanè displaced in Castel Romano fear for lack of security systems and Local Authorithy support.


Calaraci-Naples with return



Vasile wants to go back to his home country, Romania, he believes he can manage and open a small enterprise in Calaraci.





In the Triboniano, the biggest Roma Camp in Milan, a labour likes to talk about his life and personal prospective.


a drive around a settlement



La Monachina, spontaneous settlement next to the Appia Road, is one of the most finest Roma neighbourhood in Rome,  just a quick drive around it.


EU-Roma Summit



During the speech of the EC Commissar a protest spreads among all the participants.





The large settlement of Gazejia in Belgrade during the winter. Interviews and a glimpse at the neighborhood.


discarica Giugliano



In Giugliano In Campania by Naples a large Khorakhanè refugee Community lives surrounded by all sort of dumping areas.


 interview in Giugliano



The Hadzovic has been living in the Giugliano for some times now, this his their point of view.


a house but no water



A young woman, still happy for her new container flat complains for the lack of water, the tap leaks just a few hour a day a few drops. Architecture student of professor Karen Berman are listening.


Kalderasha Handcraft



The Kalderasha are the finest Roma handcrafts. Ancient knoledge and few hours of accurate work for a baptismal font perfectly refurbished.


razzismo ed igiene a Castel Romano



Kids are often subject to racist behaviour in school. A social officer explains.





Inside an abandoned polluted factory a small willage has grown. One of the residents of the Roma Community explains about the situation.



Claudio Marta con EU-RoMa in Rome



Claudio Marta, expert of the Italian Roma Issues at the Coucil of Europe, introduces the Roma Housing Issue in Italy for EU-RoMa.



a house and a horse



This is the house of a poor man in a small village in Romania.



police in Castel Romano



Castel Romano Roma Settlement has been just opened, the police doesn’t need an invitation.


Ponticelli is on fire



A racist attack has already happened in Ponticelli, this time the firemann bragate comes right in time and prevents other new tragedies.


SNIA Viscosa Settlement



The SNIA Viscosa has been abandoned for a long time, this former factory is today squatted by different groups. A view at the occupies spaces and a short inteview to a non Roma resident.


Roma Squatting in Torre Annunziata



A young Pope explains the living of the Roma group residents of an ancient building, next to the port of Torre Annunziata by Naples.


women cocking



Inside an abandoned factory in Rome, people have built their homes, sheltered by a decadent wooden roof, the women are cooking all together for the entire group.